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Chance & Counters

Our deep dive profiles take an inside look at how businesses throughout the UK are taking a long, hard look at important considerations such as customer experience, finding the best new hires, motivating staff and investing in new technology. This time round it's the turn of Chance & Counters, a board game café with a very clear vision of what it wants to be.

Video interviews

Step inside Chance & Counters and hear from three different members of the team about the crucial elements to its long-term future – food and drink, location and USP.

Finding the right location

The food and drink proposition can either be entirely forgettable or actually be the thing that gets customers returning time and time again. Chance & Counters really thought about how they'd do it differently – partnering with hyper-local suppliers and staying fresh.

Watch here (1.5 mins)

Nailing food and drink

With locations in Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff, find out how Chance & Counters went about selecting the location of new sites using smart competitor research and at at time when it couldn't afford to get those big decisions wrong.

Watch here (1.5 mins)

Growing out of a niche

Being a board game-based bar/café is pretty niche, but it's not stopping Chance & Counters from building a solid customer base. Discover how they've cleverly created hooks to keep visitors coming back in multiple cities throughout the UK.

Watch here (1.5 mins)

A story in pictures

Scroll through the gallery below to find out why the story of how Chance & Counters used nice-to-haves to build a unique business is something all companies could learn from.

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