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Leadership & Strategy

Leadership Behaviours

Adopt an open/transparent leadership style

How to engage employees in your business culture and performance.

This can change your company culture and improve employee engagement, customer loyalty and productivity. Jim Whitehurst, chief executive of leading tech firm Red Hat, created an “open decision framework” which collates best practice ideas from teams across the company and guides how decisions that impact other teams, or the company as a whole, are made and communicated. He reveaked that by using that framework, his company gets valuable feedback throughout the decision-making process, enabling its leaders to be more open about how and why they’re making decisions. This isn’t the only way to lead with transparency – People Development Magazine’s guide outlines six behaviours which help to foster transparency, including asking questions and showing interest and confronting difficult situations.

In real life: Find out how one entrepreneur challenged the “old way” of doing things in the workplace.

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