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Our office location restricted growth, so we invested in our firm’s future

Nick Pollitt, founder of Diamond Interiors, invested in a new office location
Nick Pollitt knew the company’s office location was stifling its growth

Name: Diamond Interiors
Location: Wigan
Founded in: 1997
Tip: Try to be as transparent with employees as possible.

The problem

After almost 20 years in the industry, office design specialists Diamond Interiors recognised that their current office location was stifling their chances of growth. The business had landed a number of big contracts in the previous 24 months but had no room to expand into. How could they move forward without losing local customers?

The solution

Though many businesses in the area had stayed lean after the recession, managing director Nick Pollitt recognised that Diamond Interiors had to take a leap and invest in a new office location. Nick believed the risk was outweighed by the potential damage of not having the space to cope with their bigger contracts. 

They chose a building in Wigan that was big enough to support their growth and close enough that they wouldn’t lose their local customers. The new space was three times bigger than their previous site; they moved from 3,500 to 10,000 square feet.

It enabled them to build a working showroom where customers could come in for meetings and discuss their requirements. The business could create new jobs and ensure they had enough warehouse capacity to hold stock and customer orders.

The results

Since opening their new space, Diamond Interiors have hired an interior design team, project managers, a display screen equipment assessor and an installation team who have their own vehicles. The business attracts regular enquiries about vacancies because its new facility is in a more accessible location. The working showroom has helped the company better showcase their work and around 80 per cent of customers who visit go on to place an order.

“If you want to grow and you’re considering moving to a bigger facility, seek the advice of professionals who deal with these scenarios on a daily basis,” Nick said.

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