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An automated system helped direct our customers to the relevant expert

Sam Diamond, Telecoms World
Sam Diamond invested in an automated system that would improve their customer service

Name: Telecoms World
Location: Kent
Employees: 25
Founded in: 1998

The problem

Bromley-based Telecoms World provides telephone services to large organisations like Hilton Hotels and NHS divisions, as well as smaller businesses and sole traders. 

The company found it easy to drive traffic to its website through an established pay-per-click advertising programme. Once on their site, visitors could find information about its products and services. However, they often dropped off at this stage before the dedicated sales agents could assist them.

The solution

Sam Diamond, projects director at Telecoms World, said: “Typically, a client doesn’t arrive at our website and instantly know exactly what they want to buy. We need to give them a little bit more hand-holding.”

The team started looking at ways to get web visitors onto the phone quicker and speaking to the relevant specialist straight away. 

They invested in an automated system that could issue an online prompt for web visitors to input their phone number. The visitor would then receive a free, instant callback from the most relevant specialist. The system connected the call quickly, within 15 seconds. An enquiry would be sent to the relevant expert and the customer would be dialled immediately.

“We do laugh to ourselves because the person on the end of the phone is typically quite taken aback when they get the call so quickly. Since we specialise in comms ourselves, this is important to us,” Sam said.

The results

After fully integrating the system, the business has seen a dramatic uplift in conversion rates. The automated system also provides data on calls, giving the business insight on how many agents each caller talks to, how long they stay on the phone with one agent and how many calls go into the overflow.

Telecoms World has used this analysis to make amends to the callback process, moulding it to suit their needs and streamlining internal operations.

“We’ve found that our engagement level has improved, and our conversion rates have increased upwards of 60 per cent. We’re getting happier customers, because they’re speaking with an expert, rather than making assumptions about products.”

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