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We used IoT technology to manage our changing occupancy levels

Joanne Phoenix, Sensor City
Joanne Phoenix found a business in the local community to help retrofit the building

Name: Sensor City
Location: Liverpool
Employees: 11
Founded in: 2017

The problem

Sensor City aims to support early-stage companies that are developing sensor technology. However, despite hosting innovative companies, the Sensor City building didn’t utilise any IoT technology. When the building had been conceived, any built-in technology would have gone out of date too quickly. 

With Sensor City set on becoming a global technology hub, the business needed to modernise the building to attract future businesses and better reflect its brand. The team also knew that with different numbers of people in the building every day, there was an opportunity to manage utilities better and save money.

The solution

Sensor City looked into their local community to find a company they could work with. The firm opted for Pulse Systems, a business that specialised in cloud-connected smart sensors and could retrofit the building.

Pulse started by identifying areas that could save the business money. With 80 per cent occupancy and additional hotdesking facilities, Sensor City worried that efforts to measure the amount of money saved would be thrown off with their fluctuating numbers. However, Pulse’s technology can account for the number of people in the building and adjust the reporting accordingly.

The new systems can be controlled based on the levels of occupancy. The technology ensures the Sensor City leadership team has full control over the business management system, which includes lighting, heating, water usage and general utilities. It also monitors environmental factors such as air quality and temperature.

The results

Business development manager Joanne Phoenix believes the IoT technology has provided a huge boost to Sensor City’s credentials as a co-working space that promotes wellbeing. Monitoring and improving environmental factors means they know they’re creating the best working conditions. They’re applying to be certified to the WELL Building Standard too.

The IoT technology has provided a great opportunity to improve their energy efficiency and save money.

“We wanted to improve the building to make us a more attractive location for other companies. One aim is to encourage companies to come to us because we can showcase their technology, but we also want to make Sensor City a really nice environment to be in.”

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