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Digital Readiness


Digitising sales processes improved customer retention and created time to innovate

James Howard, director YES Glazing Solutions, improved his sales processes
James Howard’s team implemented software that channelled customers through pre-determined tasks

Name: YES Glazing Solutions
Location: Bromley
Employees: 19
Founded in: 2007

The problem

When Bromley-based glazing installation firm YES Glazing Solutions couldn’t find the product they were looking for, they would often work with manufacturers to create them. Customers were delighted with the solutions they came up with and business went well.

However, finding the time to innovate became much harder as they got busier. They needed to find a way to streamline their sales processes and ringfence time for new product development.

The solution

The first step was to ensure their quoting system became more reliable and provided rapid response times. This would help create easier sales processes that all 19 staff members could follow.

Led by company director James Howard, the firm put together a dedicated team to simplify the ordering process by eliminating the need for home visits. Customers could submit their window and door dimensions online and quickly receive a tailored quote.

The next step was to invest in software to speed up internal processes. The firm bought software packages that enabled staff to channel customers through pre-determined tasks, so teams could work together on projects at varying stages. The company started using Salesforce – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software – to handle sales data, gather intelligence on enquiries, conversion data and departmental performance, and make sure the business was GDPR compliant. 

YES Glazing also configured the CRM to handle their after-sales service and any other repair work that would be performed under warranty. Above all, it gave the company directors visibility over sales and service activity and helped them make better informed decisions.

The investment in efficient processes removed the need for time-consuming visits to clients’ homes. However, the team found that they still needed to make sure customers could come and talk to the company face-to-face, because it plays an important role in decision-making, so they also transformed part of their office to create a reception area.

The results

The addition of CRM software has been key in simplifying sales processes. It’s enabled YES to connect with customers more, given them valuable insight into transactions, and made sure important data is both stored safely and easily accessible. Making their customer service more efficient has improved retention and allowed the business to identify their most valuable accounts. It also means they still have time to develop new products and customer-build solutions.

“CRM software has transformed our business. If you’re not sure about whether to invest or not, try a low cost or free CRM first – it will help you to test the benefits and understand whether your business is ready to make the most of it,” James said.

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