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A new marketing campaign helped us better communicate our family values

Wyke Farms managing director Rich Clothier ran a marketing campaign to communicate the company's family values
Rich Clothier recognised that consumers are increasingly interested in brand values

Name: Wyke Farms
Location: Bruton, Somerset
Employees: 320
Founded in: 1861
Tip: ”Be passionate about what you do.”

The problem

For the past two decades, the focus of Wyke Farms‘ marketing had been on sustainability. But in recent years, customers have become increasingly interested in learning who is behind the products they’re buying. Keen to be recognised as a family brand rather than a faceless company, Wyke Farms needed to try a different marketing campaign to connect with modern consumers. 

The solution

“Everything we do comes from the ‘family’. Many of our team members have worked with us for the majority of their working lives, so we consider ourselves one big family. It made sense to communicate this, so customers understand that we’re different from a faceless corporation,” explained Rich Clothier, third generation cheesemaker and managing director.

The company used Target Group Index (TGI) data to hone in on the type of advertising their audience were consuming. The team found that housewives doing the weekly shop – an important demographic – were still consuming large amounts of high quality print media, so this formed a fundamental part of the strategy.

Wyke Farms ran a marketing campaign across press, online and through PR. It emphasised the company’s history and sense of family, and aimed to connect with both new and existing customers.

The results

Campaign engagement was strong, particularly through social media. During the campaign period, Wyke Farms was the most engaged dairy brand on social media, helping to reinforce their position as a trusted British family brand.

“We’ve seen strong and consistent branded sales throughout 2019. The campaign has been a key driver for this,” said Rich.

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