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Moving beyond paid acquisition broadened our marketing reach

Kerry Fawcett, marketing manager at BusinessComparison, moved the strategy beyond paid acquisition
Kerry Fawcett outsourced the company’s PR activity to access the right expertise

Name: BusinessComparison
Location: Chester
Employees: 12
Founded in: 2014
Tip: “Don’t be afraid to outsource if you don’t have the right skillset internally.”

The problem

BusinessComparison had two paid acquisition marketers in house, so most marketing budget was spent on paid online advertising. However, the company still struggled to reach its target audience of sole traders and SMEs. Since the comparison service they offered was new, most business owners didn’t even realise the option was available to them.

The solution

BusinessComparison hired marketing manager Kerry Fawcett to look beyond paid acquisition and find ways to make its marketing efforts more effective.

The new strategy prioritised areas such as SEO and PR. It stepped away from traditional forms of marketing such as radio and billboards, which weren’t working. Budget was also allocated to outsourcing PR, as this enabled the team to access someone with more expertise than delivering it internally.

“SEO is one of my main focuses. Driving large quantities of content is key for that organic growth. Hundreds of new content pages have gone up to increase organic traffic, but it has to be useful and readable to serve a purpose,” Kerry said.

The website had a long-running blog that didn’t perform well, so a new associated content strategy was put in place. New articles were published weekly, but the team concentrated on writing detailed articles that offered quality rather than quantity. 

The results

The content and SEO strategy has already achieved positive results, with organic search growing month-on-month and an overall website visibility uplift of 75 per cent. Customer feedback is high, with a Feefo rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. 

Team resources are still an issue, but Kerry plans to expand the team to build on this success.

“We want to get to a place where we can put out a quality piece every day on the blog. We’re looking at bringing in a content writer to the team to help grow that side of things.”

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