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We used customer feedback to prioritise our marketing spend

Danny Scholfield, Expert Security headshot
Danny Scholfield uses customer questionnaires to prioritise internal improvements

Name: Expert Security
Location: Bury
Founded in: 2013
Tip: “Your customers are the fuel for your business, so make sure you’re communicating with them.”

The problem

As a one-stop security provider, offering design, installation and maintenance of security systems, Expert Security had a lot of customer touchpoints. The branding had to be smart and consistent across each aspect of marketing, from social media to staff uniforms. 

But with so many channels to cover and only a small budget to work with, it could be hard to know what would work best.

The solution

The firm’s first step was to make sure all their marketing activity had a clear purpose and aligned with their USP. Sales and marketing director Danny Scholfield assigned a budget to ensure they were investing at the right time in the right areas. They prioritised in order of customer touchpoints, focusing on early-stage elements like ensuring the website was up to date and SEO. 

The biggest game-changer came when Expert Security started sending out a customer questionnaire after each installation. As Danny explained, companies often overlook the value of their clients’ perspectives.

“After the system is handed over, our internal project coordinators send out a customer questionnaire. It gives our clients a chance to assess how we did. This focuses not only on the installation itself but also allows them to honestly answer how our sales team did, how easy were we to find online etc,” Danny said.

By asking these additional questions, the firm could make internal improvements based on concrete data, rather than guesswork. 

“We aren’t perfect, and don’t always get it right, but acting on a comment or recommendation means you can get it right the next time,” Danny added.

The results

Expert Security has since grown to include five different installation teams. Thanks to their strong market reputation, they’ve landed contracts with institutions like Warburtons, Vodafone and the NHS. 

Danny believes the customer feedback and reviews procedure has had a huge impact on the company. It’s helped them learn more about their customers and which areas of staff training need improving.

“Don’t be put off by negative feedback or the fear of receiving it – you can’t adapt, improve or grow without it. Include a procedure in your day-to-day that sets out how and when to get customer feedback. And most importantly, act on the feedback you get!”

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