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Non-revenue targets enabled us to scale our values

Joseph Valente, founder of ImpraGas, encourages companies to set non-revenue targets
Joseph Valente uses anonymous customer feedback to inform quarterly targets

Name: ImpraGas
Location: Peterborough
Employees: 80
Founded in: 2012

The problem

Boiler installation company ImpraGas had built a brand on quality, honesty, value for money and customer service. As the company started to expand across the UK, its network of representatives – manufacturers, trade, sales, finance and engineering workers – grew. 

However, when it came to setting targets, the ImpraGas leadership team faced a challenge. They needed to replicate their strategy on a bigger scale, without losing the elements that made the brand valuable.

The solution

ImpraGas started by looking at how the values of the brand were demonstrated in day-to-day service. The company put together a training strategy that identified the needs of each department. Heating advisers received a five-day training induction and a dedicated performance manager. To make sure the firm’s digital abilities stayed up to date, the marketing team would take days out during the course of the year.

“Along with revenue growth targets, employees are key to the company’s success. As ImpraGas has grown, we wanted to maintain a focus on building our teams in terms of recruitment, training and inductions,” founder Joseph Valente said.

To keep track of service levels, ImpraGas put area field managers in place. They remotely audited every installation to make sure it met standards. This meant any obvious issues could be identified and resolved quickly. 

After an installation, the company started sending out anonymous customer satisfaction forms. This feedback was then fed back into monthly management meetings, where key issues could be benchmarked and translated into non-revenue targets for the next quarter. This allowed the company to make constant improvements. 

To make sure its technology could handle increased demand, ImpraGas also factored the expansion of its customer service infrastructure into its targets for growth. The company improved its internal software and upgraded its telephone systems, so customers could easily get through to support 24/7. ImpraGas also tested out bringing finance options in-house, which gave customers greater flexibility and enabled them to spread costs.

The results

In less than four years, ImpraGas has grown from five staff to 80. The firm has expanded across the UK and sells approximately one boiler every hour. Thanks to their non-revenue targets, quality of service remains at the core of the business; the company currently has an 8.7 Trustpilot score.

“Customer service has a huge impact on the bottom line. Look after your customers and they will look after you.”

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