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Four things hospitality leaders gained from peer learning groups

By sharing issues and insights with a trusted group these Cornish hospitality leaders have overcome complex challenges in their businesses and gained new leadership skills along the way.

Be the Business Peer Learning Groups provide an opportunity for likeminded busineses to come together to work through real-life challenges using an approach known as “action learning”.

It’s a great way to address complex challenges with input from people who really understand and can relate. Below are some of the key takeaways from leaders who have participated.

What is a Be the Business Peer Learning group?

  • Small groups of hospitality leaders from businesses of a similar size work through real time business challenges together.
  • Overseen by a trained facilitator who manages the action learning process, encouraging members to ask questions rather than provide answers.
  • Discussions are confidential, so participants can get candid in sharing concerns and challenges.

I learned from different management styles

“Each month my group provides me the right forum and head space to focus on resolving difficult challenges that we might be facing. Every session I’m learning from each of the business leaders and their different management styles and feel part of a business family that are there for me when I need them.”

– Mark Holden, director, Inn Cornwall

It brought issues to light

“It’s amazing how much clearer an issue can become just by opening it out to the group for comment and insight. I work fairly singularly in my business, and one coaching session was particularly well-timed in that I’d just experienced an issue I’d not had before. The advice and strategy suggestions from the rest of the group were invaluable and I left the meeting that day with a clear plan of action.”

– Faye Edwardes, founder, The Woodland Centre

You can quickly address complex problems

“It’s much better to face problems directly rather than hope they go away. Action is far better when it is carefully considered and has a clear purpose. Complex problems can quickly be addressed with the sharing of ideas to come up with practical solutions.”

– Annette MacTavish, director, Museum of Cornish Life

I gained a renewed confidence

“Having been through a devastating sudden loss of my husband and business partner in 2015, I lost confidence in my capabilities. It has taken me over four years to get to a point where I am trusting my own judgement and regaining my confidence again. Being involved in the action learning group this past 11 months has helped me a lot. The relationships built within the group have been inspiring and grounding at the same time.”

– Tina Fairhurst, MD, Perfect Stays

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You can learn more about our Cornwall Hospitality network here.

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