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Ask how employees can help define the vision

At data firm Viga, founder Lewis Reeves wanted to ensure the company values were approachable and so got everyone involved helping define the vision.

Having been in big business before he started his own company, Reeves, founder and CEO of Viga, said he felt that visions could sometime be a bit “clunky”.

“In a big organisation it can feel that the vision and values of the company are not easily influenced by the individual,” he said. “You can feel disconnected. So what we wanted to do was to make sure that everyone in the company could relate to ours.”

When staff can turn up for work feeling that they are playing a part in steering the business towards a well-defined goal (ideally one that is appealing to them), productivity can soar.

This insight is from a longer feature, which looks at the different interpretations of vision and values in business. Have a look at varying thoughts from SME leaders.

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