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Boost the company culture with a lunch time activity 

Lunch breaks can help boost team energy levels and integrate new team members quickly into the company culture, believes Shai Aharony, a business leader with lots of employee engagement experience.

“To help boost productivity, we thought about ways to use lunch hours effectively,” Aharony, managing director of SEO firm Reboot Online Marketing, said. “The team very quickly started walking regularly every lunch time, dubbing it ‘walk club’. Where we work, we have some beautiful fields and a large reservoir, so walking is not just good exercise, but helps to calm down too.” 

Walking is an exercise that everybody can do and Reboot’s “walk club” an inclusive way to integrate new team members quickly. Employees sometimes brainstorm subject ideas for clients during the lunch time walk, mentioned Aharony. However, its main aim is to get people away from their desks and avoid productivity dwindling in the afternoon. The walk re-energises each staff member, makes sure they have the fuel to continue the day and creates a great team bond.  

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