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Chris Mayne of Forsberg Services says it’s your culture which delivers your strategy

Chris Mayne is operations director at Forsberg Services, an engineering company based in Lancaster which specialises in producing high-precision navigation solutions for businesses across a range of sectors, including automotive, container ports, telecommunications and defence.

Mayne is one of the graduates of Lancaster University Management School’s Productivity through People course, a twelve-month programme run in partnership with three world class manufacturers – BAE Systems, Siemens and Rolls Royce – and supported by Be the Business, which invests in the manufacturers of tomorrow.

The operations director believes that Forsberg services are focusing on productivity because they’re taking on bigger projects and trying to open up new markets, while also aiming to develop more products which use their own IP.

He also things that it’s your company’s culture which enables you to deliver your strategy – if you don’t get that culture right, even the best strategy and vision will only take you so far.

His advice to others wanting to improve their company’s productivity is to concentrate on engaging and empowering your employees.

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