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Communicating vision and values to a scattered team

Despite having a dispersed team – 85 marketing directors who work part-time for businesses all around the UK – Clare Methven knows they all sing from the same hymn sheet.

This is because all potential hires are told about the company’s vision and values when they first get in touch. “That sets the scene,” said Methven, co-founder of The Marketing Centre. “We then reinforce this at the induction. Our vision and values are also in our brand book, which everyone gets a copy of, and they really solidify what we do and stand for.”

If your scattered team fully understand what’s written into your vision and values from the very moment they join, there is less likely to be friction – or employees going “rogue” and disappearing off on a tangent that goes against the fabric of the company.

Clare Methven contributed to our feature on the different interpretations of vision and values – find out what else she had to say.

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