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Customer insights showed us a new way of running business

Business owners often have a very clear idea about what they do and where they want to take their business – but customer insights can be valuable and prompting you to certain directs admitted Ann-Marie Rossiter.  

The head of marketing at online event space marketplace HeadBox ( explains how the new HeadBox business was created looking closely at customer data. 

Being open to change means you are more likely to spot golden opportunities, as was the case when the management team at venue hire marketplace HeadBox ( started to see that multiple users from the same businesses were often looking at their site when thinking about booking corporate events – they were sometimes even looking at venues for the same function.  

This led to a new enterprise named HeadBox Business, which runs alongside the original business and caters specifically to corporate clients, who can enjoy easier collaboration and better coordination. 

Would like to learn how other businesses generate insights from customer data?

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