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Don’t use outsourcing to hide from a problem

Outsourcing should never be used as a way to blindly hand ownership of a problem to someone else knows Dave Walker, director of technology at storage specialist Lovespace.

In companies with multiple senior managers, the decision to outsource something in order to try and fix it sometimes feels like a way of getting rid of ownership of the issue.

Walker says that larger companies are quite often guilty of this and that when the “fix” comes back it is often poor – and only serves to highlight how little the problem was really understood in the first place.

By the time outsourced work is ready to be delivered back to the client, the original management team has often moved on – meaning that their replacements are presented with a worthless piece of work and will have to start all over again.

Considering to decide between Part-time workers vs. outsourcing? Learn more about the experience from Barnaby Lahsbrooke, Founder of Time Etc. 

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