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If you don’t think your business needs to improve you’re kidding yourself

Business improvement
Buy-in from staff helps drive an always on approach to bettering the business

Believing that a business, and the management team at the helm, should never stop trying to improve, Geometric Manufacturing managing director Paul Wenham explains why it can be such an effective outlook.

Large or small, there are always improvements businesses of every type, size and age can be looking to make. As part of his participation in Productivity through People, a Be the Business-led 12-month programme providing SME leaders access to the latest techniques, thinking and research to transform their businesses’ productivity and working practices, Paul Wenham explained his approach to improvement.

As a business operating in the highly-competitive manufacturing sector, Geometric Manufacturing must constantly look to drive efficiencies whilst maintaining a price point that attracts new, and retains existing, customers.

Find out why Wenham believes an always on approach to improvement is so valuable by watching our interview.

Learn more about our Productivity through People programme, including two video testimonials from participants.

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