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Implement a flat management structure

Shadow Robot’s managing director Rich Walker was so determined to develop his nascent managerial skills that he joined a business growth development course.

As part of that course he built a greater understanding of the importance of workplace culture and staff motivation. He believes it is built around empowering staff to create their own ideas and developing solutions to problems. The company runs a flat management structure where employees are encouraged to communicate with management at any time.

“We have regular one-to-one feedback sessions, but when it comes to ideas or problem solving we encourage a culture where they can just come and grab us to get things done quicker,” he said. “It is also about being open to the personal needs and issues employees face. That includes being happy at work and finding solutions such as remote working to retain talent and skills.

Discover how this approach fits into a wider effort to monitor your best performing staff and empower them.

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