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Know your customers and inspire your people

Louise Fowler is chief customer and marketing officer at The Post Office, and has spent a quarter of a century working with some of Britain’s leading brands.

The business leader gave a masterclass lecture at the graduation day for the first wave participants in Lancaster University Management School’s Productivity through People course, a twelve-month programme run in partnership with three world class manufacturers – BAE Systems, Siemens and Rolls Royce – and supported by Be the Business, which invests in the manufacturers of tomorrow.

Fowler believes that, in her experience, businesses which really transform themselves and beat their competition are those which dare to be different, and who exhibit what she calls the three I’s:

Insight – understanding who your customers are, seeing the world through their eyes
Innovation – breaking the rules, looking beyond your own industry for ideas
Inspiration – making sure your workers are really behind what you’re doing

She told the story of how British Airways sought to reclaim its position as the market-leader in business travel by really understanding what its customers wanted.

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