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Let new employees see how the whole business works

Suresite’s Geoff Oldham makes sure that all new employees are introduced to managers to get an understanding of what the different departments do and, in turn, see the bigger picture in which they can play a part.

We’ve all been the new member of staff at some point in our lives, and those of us with the best memories will likely have been made to feel welcome and informed on day one.

Oldham, who founded corporate card services specialists Suresite back in 1994, makes sure that all new employees are made to feel informed from day one.

Similarly, he and his fellow directors turned down the chance to have their own offices so they can sit in an open-plan office with the rest of the team. “We’re very approachable and very, very open in the way we pass on information,” he said. “Transparency is a key part of how we operate.”

Geoff Oldham contributed to our feature on the different interpretations of vision and values – find out what else he had to say.

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