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Look to philanthropy for your company’s values 

If you run a business and don’t yet have a set of company values, the area of philanthropy can offer extremely rich pickings suggests Rachel Clacher.  

The co-founder of telephone answering and live chat specialists Moneypenny ( know that choosing a meaningful cause to support can work wonders for your team’s sense of purpose. 

For example, when Clacher, decided to launch a traineeship for disadvantaged women, she found an incredible amount of interest from her employees, some of whom wanted to help out as mentors. “We’ve been able to identify people within the team who really want to make a difference,” said Clacher.  

On top of that, she feels that having such a visible charitable arm can be good for business. “I think some of the bigger companies are now putting much more into the kind of people they want to work with,” she said.

Find some inspiration here on how to implement a business philantropic strategy.

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