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Lunch break not a time to deliver results

Headforwards knows that motivational drop offs are linked to employees being constantly pressured to perform and deliver results, and that’s why the company runs a series of lunch clubs for its employees. 

The Cornwall-based software firm’s lunch clubs, which range from surfing and Japanese lessons to running clubs, have been part of the business since day one – but have grown in range and size over the last years. “We want our employees to take their lunch hour and get away from their desks,” said Marie Ashton. The ideas come from our employees, who then use Skype to form a group for each club. 

Ashton emphasised that there is no strict time restriction as the main benefit is to make people get to know each other better, be happier and work on projects more collaboratively and successful.  

“Allow your team to come up with suggestions. Let them organise the clubs, while you as managers promote the idea around the team,” she said.  

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