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Match your company rewards with employee needs

PrivateFly, a private jet charter firm, goes beyond traditional perks and uses employee engagement in the rewards strategy by offering customised benefits.

Bring your dog to work days, Spotify subscriptions and flexible hours are some of rewards that maintain employee motivation and help to recruit a more diverse workforce. The company also considers the life of their employees outside the office by offering access to private jet empty leg flights or weekend access to company cars.

PrivateFly still recognises the effectiveness and popularity of what it calls “softer benefits” such as childcare help and “free fruit” Mondays to meet the needs of a broad range of employees. “We have a quarterly peer-to-peer recognition programme, where staff members nominate others for going above-and-beyond in their roles, for which we award gift vouchers,” said co-founder Carol Cork.

Learn more about the interesting approaches employed by PrivateFly and its management team.


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