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Simplified customer interaction is key

It is important for companies to think about the way how their customers want to interact and make it as easy as possible.

Energy companies sometimes get bad press for their customer service, so when Octopus Energy was about to launch in 2016, CEO Greg Jackson and his team thought long and hard about how they could make interactions with customers as smooth and simple as possible.

Reading out the numbers on your meter can easily be misheard by a customer service representative, for example, so Octopus set up a system where people could type in their reading online.

Going a step further, Jackson and his colleagues thought about how difficult it can be to describe where a meter is in relation to a property, so they came up with the idea of letting people take a photo of their meter and emailing it in. It was a simple, effective, visual solution.

“Good customer interactions take less time and they’re more accurate,” said Jackson.

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