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Strong values can attract the right talent

Sustainable building supplies company EnviroBuild has found that the company’s job ads are attracting the right talent and just the kind of people they want to work there.

When a business wears its credentials on its sleeve they can serve as a magnet for like-minded candidates, believes EnviroBuild co-founder Aidan Bell.

“The younger generations coming through are looking for more from work than just a paycheck every month,” he added, “and one of the things that we offer is the chance to be a part of something. I think that has hugely aided recruitment because we get people who are driven and believe in what we’re doing.”

Instead of hiring candidates who fit only professional criteria, employing those who also share your values means that the culture of the team should be in harmony with the principles of the business.

This insight is from a longer feature, which looks at the different interpretations of vision and values in business. Have a look at varying thoughts from SME leaders.

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