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We keep our staff constantly intellectually challenged

Technical consultancy Amido has turned work down because it didn’t feel that it would keep its employees fully engaged or intellectually challenged, and makes sure staff are involved with client negotiations from the outset.

You don’t want your best performers to become bored and demotivated, Alan Walsh believes. Give them greater choice over what kind of work they do and it will invigorate them, he added.

“We are fussy about the clients we work with because we know our staff want to work with good ones and to enjoy what they do,” the Amido chief executive said. “We get our employees involved right at the start of negotiations with a new client.”

Staff at Amido own the projects from the start because, as Walsh described, if they aren’t treated like adults and given work that is intellectually stimulated, then they will leave. “It’s a challenge but we need to do it.”

This insight is part of a longer feature looking at how the best SMEs continue to motivate high performers. Have a read to find out more.

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