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We reward hard work with an equity stake

Opinium has taken a different route rewarding its best performing employees with an equity stake in the business, believing it is a more effective way of recognising effort.

Motivation can be driven by many measures, ranging from financial bonuses to personal awards and recognition. To date, 25 per cent of insights agency Opinium has been given to staff since it was founded in 2007. The short-term aim, according to managing director James Endersby, is for 50 per cent of the business to be employee owned.

“At the beginning, the original investors believed the equity scheme would help build the business by attracting great talent and encouraging them to join us on the journey,” explained Endersby. “It boosts performance because with the ownership comes more responsibility. A huge benefit for our clients.”

This insight is part of a longer feature looking at how the best SMEs continue to motivate high performers. Have a read to find out more.

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