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Advisory Boards

Facing big decisions? Looking for an outside perspective? With our free Advisory Boards programme you don’t have to go it alone.

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Tap into your own board of directors

Enjoy non-executive director style support from a group of experienced business people, made up of leaders and senior managers from larger businesses.

Benefit, over the course of 12 months, from their guidance on finance, marketing, operations, HR or other specialisms.

Your advisory board will be there to do just that – advise. And they’ll work to your agenda, focusing on the areas where you need support.

You’re still the boss, but your board will provide:

  • Support and advice on the issues you’re facing
  • An external perspective, and objective input
  • A sounding board to talk through ideas and strategy
  • Reassurance you’re heading in the right direction

You’ll meet with your board four times over the course of the year – virtually, initially – and we’ll schedule sessions around your availability.

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For business leaders and owners of any sector with around five employees or more

There are some additional criteria in some regions (see below)

Start date

Our next round of Advisory Boards begin in Summer 2021. You'll meet four times over the year, with dates scheduled around your availability


This programme is fully-funded by the UK government, so there is no cost to you. Our board members are volunteers and give their time for free

“A great opportunity to tap into the experience of some much bigger longer established businesses. Initially we’ve begun to focus on the marketplace and product development. This process has already enabled me to start to focus particularly around long-term planning for the business.”

Lisa Smith
Owner, Ginger Bakers

Get started

Although the programme offers a full year of support, the very first session can have a significant impact on participants.

So, if you’re facing big decisions or would value the input of others, consider joining our programme in 2021.

We’re currently running Advisory Boards in three regions of the UK:

  • North East of England
  • West of England (businesses within the West of England Combined Authority area)
  • Yorkshire

We’re also running Advisory Boards in partnership with:

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A new way of tackling perennial issues

Hear what the programme is like from participants

Stay in the driving seat

“It was positive and interesting, with some challenging questions for me to answer and work on.”
Ian Riley, Central Group

You know your business best. But with a supportive board, you'll be able to address issues, access specialist expertise and have the opportunity to talk through your ideas, solutions and business strategy.

Gain a fresh perspective

"I found it really interesting how different the perspectives were of the people in the room."
Dan Scott, PHX Training

Board members are business leaders from disciplines including finance, marketing and HR, drawn from larger businesses including Peel Group, EY and Manchester Airport Group.

Participate, grow

"We started off with some info about the business, but pretty soon we got into some deep stuff."
Chris Reeves, Cisco

For business owners, our programme is a springboard for change. We'll add mentorship and development to extend your leadership skills. Together, we'll identify actions that you want to take to move your business forward.

I’m sharing info with my advisory board that has never left the business

With ambitious growth plans of 20 per cent a year, Hydraulics Online are using an advisory board made up of experienced business leaders to mark a clear route.

What happens next?

Interested in taking part in the Advisory Boards programme or finding out more?

(1) Register your interest in the programme using the form below

(2) We’ll get back in touch with you to find out a bit more about your business and what kind of support an Advisory Board could provide

(3) If we are able to offer you a place on the programme, our co-ordinators will contact you and talk through the board papers. They will offer any help you need to prepare for your first meeting

(4) Dates for all four quarterly meetings will be arranged up front at a time that suits you, and they’ll be held online

(5) Before each meeting, you’ll produce a summary board report that gives the board members the information they need about your business’s performance

(6) At the meeting, you’ll talk the board through your issues, and they’ll give input and ask questions to help clarify your options
You can then identify actions that you want to take in order to move your business forward

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