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Find out how to promote a wellbeing culture

Our newly-developed Spark Learning Sessions on wellbeing are designed to help you promote a happy, healthy and productive culture in your workplace.

Wellbeing in the workplace is more important than ever – so let’s talk about it

Employee wellbeing focuses on keeping staff healthy, motivated and present at work.

As a business leader, you may sometimes put your own or your employees’ wellbeing on the backseat as you work to make your business thrive – particularly during the pandemic.

That’s why we introduced a Spark Learning Sessions looking at wellbeing.

Participants joined four 90-minute online sessions – every two weeks over an eight-week period.

Building on the insight of a subject specialist and with the guidance of a session facilitator, attendees were part of a small group who’ll discuss topics such as:

  • Managing your own wellbeing
  • Looking after employee wellbeing
  • Balancing wellbeing and performance
  • Promoting a wellbeing culture

This Spark Learning Sessions event has ended. However, please email networks@bethebusiness.com for more information on future ones.


For business leaders and owners of any sector with three or more employees

Start date

This Spark Learning Session took place during March 2021


£40 deposit, fully refunded on completion

"These sessions were spot on, informative, relevant, concise and supportive."

Pete Fraser
Harbour Lights

Pete attended our first set of expert-led sessions, which brought together business leaders and owners to become more confident in finance

Share, explore, grow

At Be the Business, we’re all about sharing and bringing together ideas. After all, there’s no better person to get ideas from than someone who has been there and done it themselves.

Through collaborating and discussing challenges together, we aim to encourage positive change in your business including:

  • Increasing productivity and employee engagement
  • Improving working relationships, mental health and employee retention
  • Reducing costs, stress and absenteeism

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