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Are your coronavirus-led employment changes legally compliant?

Employment changes
During 2020 millions of UK employees have been away from the workplace – whether operating at home or furloughed

The coronavirus pandemic has placed a different set of pressures on businesses in all sectors. New support packages, such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, were designed to reduce some of the financial and operational stresses being felt, but they have also presented separate issues to address.

In partnership with international law firm Morrison & Foerster, Be the Business has looked at some of the significant employment changes that businesses around the UK may have been made and the issues being faced as a result. Breaking it down into “key issues”, “action items” and “enforcement”, use our expert advice to make sure your business is operating ethically, legally and effectively in this very different economic climate.

Some of our explanations may seem quite detailed, but it’s vitally important to make sure your business is addressing crucial compliance considerations. We’ve broken it down into scenarios you might now face yourself in so it’s easier to digest and take any relevant actions away.

We’ve also got an article looking specifically at legal compliance relating to technology changes made during the pandemic. Make sure you see if there’s something you need to be looking at there.

This information, brought to you in partnership with Morrison & Foerster, is provided for general information only. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. Neither we nor Morrison & Foerster act as legal advisor for those who accesses the content on our site. Please see our full terms and conditions below and our more detailed website terms of use.

Here are the scenarios we have some advice about below:

So you’re starting to bring staff back into the office but staff are concerned about returning
So you’ve decided you need to start making some redundancies
So you’ve had some people on reduced hours and pay and you need to work out a long-term plan to ease them off that
So you don’t know what support you have to give home workers in the long term and you’re worried about your legal standing with mental health issues
So you don’t know what to do about the build-up of holiday and leave
So you don’t know how to deal with grievance/disciplinary measures while staff are working from home
So you don’t know how to develop a robust flexible working scheme for the future

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