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Find out how others are tackling the thorny topic of employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing
Having staff at home means leaders are less aware of any unnecessary pressure they’re feeling

It’s a topic that has been gathering momentum in recent years, but it’s now been placed firmly under the microscope because of coronavirus. Employee wellbeing is a critical challenge every business leader needs to be tackling if their organisation is to navigate through the current set of pressures and emerge fighting fit in a new kind of economy.

As with other less black and white themes such as leadership style, marketing strategies and customer acquisition, it helps to know how others like you are approaching it.

In MEPC’s Silverstone Park business estate and the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) region some of the most innovative UK SMEs in the advanced engineering and manufacturing space reside.

These businesses, including the likes of Hexagon Metrology, TD Group, PUNCH Flybrid and Silverstone Composites, have a culture of reacting quickly and efficiently when changes occur in the industry sectors each serve.

But that resilience and ability to adapt has suddenly been tested in other ways during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly when it comes to engagement with each company’s highly-skilled workforces and their ultimate wellbeing – with many staff furloughed due to delays with projects and supply chains.

In a new collaboration with Silverstone Park and the Silverstone Technology Cluster, Be the Business invited a number of the leaders of these dynamic SMEs to open up about the issues they have faced and share best practices in facing the same challenges.

Whilst many are adopting a glass half full mindset, being “cautiously optimistic”, “quietly confident” and “excited” that industry is beginning to slowly recover, they also remain apprehensive about being prepared for an uncertain, longer-term future. We’ve taken the most insightful parts of their conversation and summarised it below.

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