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An expert guide to fixing your business supply chain – for now and the future

If you emerged from lockdown into a slightly different supplier landscape, you’re not alone. Some familiar faces might have ceased trading, and some new names might have entered your space.

Establishing stronger supply chains for the next phase calls for some familiar skills in a tough new setting. In this practical guide you can find out how to:

  • Nurture honest relationships with suppliers with a firm focus on cost-savings
  • Negotiate with suppliers and buyers while remaining supportive of your industry
  • Consider new kinds of alliances and take care to do thorough due diligence

Each of our expert guides are practical, actionable and relevant to you – an owner, manager or leader of a small or medium-sized business. They’re full of great tips, helpful checklists and realistic next steps. We also have guides spanning our other five key topics: business model, finance, leadershipemployees and technology.

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