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Are your coronavirus-led technology changes legally compliant?

Coronavirus technology changes
It could be that something as seemingly simple as taking online payments has exposed a business to new rules and regulations

The coronavirus pandemic has forced new ways of operating on businesses large and small. While this has sped up innovation and encouraged leadership teams to try things they might previously have not prioritised, it has also increased exposure to different types of risk and potential pitfalls.

In partnership with international law firm Morrison & Foerster, Be the Business has looked at some of the technology changes that may have been made. Breaking it down into “key issues”, “action items” and “enforcement”, use our expert advice to make sure your business is operating ethically, legally and effectively in this very different economic climate.

Some of our explanations may seem quite detailed, but it’s vitally important to make sure your business is addressing crucial compliance considerations. We’ve broken it down into scenarios you might now face yourself in so it’s easier to digest and take any relevant actions away.

We’ve also got an article looking specifically at legal compliance relating to employment changes made during the pandemic. Make sure you see if there’s something you need to be looking at there.

This information, brought to you in partnership with Morrison & Foerster, is provided for general information only. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. Neither we nor Morrison & Foerster act as legal advisor for those who accesses the content on our site. Please see our full terms and conditions below and our more detailed website terms of use.

Here are the scenarios we have some advice about below:

So you’ve started taking transactions online
So you’ve started capturing customer data (in a way you hadn’t before)
So you’ve implemented new digital communication tools for your staff
So you’ve started transacting in other countries (having only operated in the UK before)
So you’ve developed new intellectual property during the coronavirus outbreak
So you’ve developed an online social media presence
So you’ve started using outside agencies and you’re sharing sensitive data
So your staff are at home with company hardware but on their own networks
So you’ve started a joint venture
So you’ve started giving some of your digital products and services away for free

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