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Diamonds Factory: How to make your business stand out

Diamond Factory
Ben Stinson has balanced ecommerce with coronavirus compliant in-store shopping

As part of Be the Business’ ongoing Rebuild project, we’re catching up with small business leaders from different industries. In this series, we’re tracking the highs and lows of jewellery retailer, Diamonds Factory, as they aim to maintain their ecommerce lead over competitors and deal with ongoing high street uncertainty. 

Retail was one of the industries hit the hardest by the pandemic, with many businesses losing the majority of their trade when lockdown forced their doors to close. 

Businesses without an online store soon made the move there, while companies who already had virtual shops now needed to make themselves heard above the competition. 

Diamonds Factory already had a successful ecommerce business before coronavirus, but, like so many retail companies, they had to make major changes if they were to continue to operate a COVID-compliant in-person shopping experience and maintain a strong online presence.

Diamonds are forever

When it comes to buying jewellery, especially diamonds, there are plenty of long-standing traditions, with visiting the shop in question being a key part. 

It’s this practice in particular that Diamonds Factory wants to make a thing of the past. 

With jewellery shops around the country and a flagship store in London’s Hatton Garden, Diamonds Factory had made the move from being a purely online experience to an in-person retail operation before the pandemic, but it would need to make more alterations if it was to carry on. 

We’ll be catching up with Ben Stinson, global head of ecommerce at Diamonds Factory, every month to find out how the business is getting on. To follow their story, navigate the dropdowns below to find out what their updates are across the key challenges the business faces:

The challenges

Diamonds Factory has faced many challenges in the past few months, from a complete overhaul of the way they sell jewellery to changing their physical shopping experience to meet coronavirus regulations.

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