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Coronavirus: How to guides to help you through the crisis

As the coronavirus outbreak places unprecedented pressure on British businesses, leaders throughout the country are having to make hard decisions fast. Our how to guides are designed to help you navigate through those big calls, one step at a time.

How to monitor staff wellbeing of remote workers

For owners and managers, perhaps the most important coronavirus question is how do you monitor staff wellbeing if you’re not in the same building every day?

How to come up with new revenue streams  

While there is lots of government business support available during the coronavirus outbreak, it may be time to start thinking about new revenue streams.

How to collaborate with other businesses

With demand for many products and services falling fast, learning how to collaborate with other businesses is one way to lessen the coronavirus impact.

How to reduce your workforce in a controlled way

The coronavirus outbreak has made the prospect of job losses and the need to reduce your workforce immediate. Here's how to do it in a delicate way.

How to check which government support you can access

An raft of government support for business measures have been announced to help firms overcome coronavirus impacts. Here's what you need to know.

How to establish business continuity during the pandemic

Business continuity planning helps to keep your business on track. Here's how you can stay on course through the coronavirus crisis.

How to set up remote working in times of crisis

It's crucial to get your remote working system in place quickly to minimise business disruption during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to negotiate with your landlord during the outbreak

With coronavirus uncertainty, you may be thinking about the best way to negotiate with your landlord about future rent. Here's how businesses should do it.

How to make tough business decisions

Falling revenues and future uncertainty driving by the coronavirus outbreak means that many leaders are facing tough business decisions.

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