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Now, more than ever, is the right time to source some valuable outside guidance.

Our Mentoring for Growth programme helps small and medium-sized businesses benefit from the expertise and experience found in larger firms. We’ve hand-picked a team of senior-level mentors who want to share their experience, sector expertise and best practice with you.

Unlike peer-to-peer mentoring or business coaches, our mentors are from leading companies such as Siemens, GSK, BAE Systems and the John Lewis Partnership. That means our programme, which is also fully funded, is designed to focus on your needs. It could be just the think to help with:

  • An objective sounding board for challenges and new ideas alike
  • Getting your senior management team working together more effectively
  • Improving your company’s forward-looking forecasting and modelling
  • Making changes to your business model to suit changing consumer spending habits
  • Improving the performance of your business overall

What started out as a 12-month only programme dealing with longer term performance issues has now also evolved, due to the ongoing pressures and challenges being faced by British businesses during the coronavirus outbreak, to include a 12-week rapid response offering.

Our programmes are best suited to businesses with a turnover of at least £500,000.

Sign up for our 12-month programmeSign up for our 12-week programme

How it works


Regular support to deal with acute business challenge


Mentors are sourced from some of Britain's leading firms


Mentors and mentees go through a pairing process that ensures compatibility

Both programmes provide access to amazing mentors when you need them for as long as you need them, but here's how they differ

Mentoring for GrowthRapid Response Mentoring
12-month relationship12-week relationship
Meetings every 4-6 weeks for 2-4 hoursWeekly meetings for 1-2 hours
Guides SMEs through growth and often significant changeSupports specific or acute business challenges
Personal intervention and guidance from a mentoring advisor who supports the registration, on-boarding steps and the matching process with the mentorA fully digital platform, with immediate access on registration, mentees can choose the best match from available mentors that match their particular need at the time
Ongoing 12 months to work through whole business view and range of issues, with personal development and progress measured over timeRapid attention and frequent check-ins to deal with challenges and issues facing the business
Delivered in via iMentor in partnership with the Growth CompanyOnline platform ConnectR delivered in partnership with MyKindaFuture

Hear from some of our mentees on the value of working with their mentors

Find the right mentor for you

Sign up for our 12-month programmeSign up for our 12-week programme

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