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Collaborative networks

If you’re a business leader in search of a new direction or better way of operating, we’re here to help. Our Collaborative Networks are a new way for businesses to work together so they can learn, share, build on their strengths and perform at their peak.

Business leaders often stay in their own firms and rarely get the opportunity to experience other ways of working. Simply getting out of their operations and into someone else’s can provide huge inspiration to develop, adopt or reaffirm their own way of operating. Improvement starts with letting the light in, challenging the status quo, searching out fresh perspectives and sharing successes.

Be the Business is engaging with communities of businesses throughout Britain, from hospitality firms in Cornwall to family businesses in the North West of England. We’re working to encourage the kind of sharing and collaboration that is vital to unlocking new opportunities.

Driven by local trailblazers, our Collaborative Networks offer a range of activities to unlock all of the energy and potential within the business community. They feature learning experiences with business peers, access to experts through business placements and peer group learning sessions.

“Be the Business is a safe space to share ideas, with everyone keen to learn and no one sitting in judgement. It’s about learning from each other’s mistakes, as well as triumphs,” said Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park director Patrick Langmaid, a business owner who has been heavily involved with our work in Cornwall.

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