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Online Peer Learning Groups

Sharing challenges and experiences, hearing about best or different practices, bouncing ideas with our peers – these are all invaluable to enhancing learning and development and empowering leaders to get through difficult times.

Our Peer Learning Groups give family business leaders the opportunity to do this – for free.

Our objective is to support businesses like you through this difficult time, which is why we are facilitating these online structured sessions between like-minded business owners.

A lot of business owners are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unsettled and alone as they tackle the current challenges facing their business. Being part of a peer group can make a hugely positive difference to how you face issues – giving you moral support, confidence and ideas to get through and come out the other side.

How it works

Our Peer Learning Groups use action learning sets. This is a structured method where you’ll be part of a small group who meet regularly and address the difficulties being encountered. Within the carefully selected group you’ll be able to access valuable input from people who really understand the unique responsibilities of running a family firm.

In this safe and supportive online environment, you’ll explore ways to improve your business and refine your leadership skills. Previously, sessions were face-to-face every four to six weeks, but we have moved them online and stepped up the frequency to strengthen support during the coronavirus crisis.

Each group will comprise up to ten leaders and managers from family firms around the country. They’ll include members with common challenges and ambitions for their businesses, but care is taken to ensure competitors are not placed within the same group.

What’s involved

Regular online sessions of 90 minutes are overseen by a trained facilitator. Discussions are confidential, so you can feel comfortable in being open and frank in sharing your concerns and challenges, as well as offering honest feedback.

Where you’ll gain

No one has all the answers to the challenges facing businesses now or as we move to a “new normal”. But by sharing as much knowledge, experience, expertise and as many ideas as possible, the business community can get stronger together, through developing leadership, reviewing business strategies and building resilience.

• Be part of a supportive group of trusted business leaders to work through real life business issues and complications

• Grow more confidence to act and make decisive changes in your business

• Strengthen your leadership skills to support your employees through this difficult time

• Access a sounding board which can challenge your thinking and strategies

• Enjoy an enhanced network and access to a range of tools, content and support

If you’re a family business owner or leader, we welcome you to join a free Peer Learning Group so we can help you to help yourself, your business and others.

Contact us at to sign up.

"Consultants and advisers can bring a great deal of insight and support to businesses and their management teams – but sometimes there can be no substitute for learning from the direct experiences of other owners and business leaders. Our peer learning groups are small, discrete and safe environments to share challenges.”

Stephen Gregson
Corporate finance director, MHA Moore and Smalley

Get started

To register your interest in taking part as either a participant or facilitator, contact There is no financial cost to participation.

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