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Leadership & Strategy

Vision & Values

Engage employees in your vision

How to create a meaningful vision or set of values.

Clearly communicate your vision to all your employees, really listen to what they have to say about it and use feedback and suggestions to implement changes. Bear in mind that your vision can’t help your business to improve unless you engage your staff and help them buy into it. Make this happen by linking your vision to achievable goals for individuals. Online retailer Zappos encourages its employees to work towards its vision for customer experience by ringing a bell whenever a staff member provides a good service, so it can be celebrated. Zappos also offers a rewards scheme for employees to earn credit to spend in the store.

In real life: Discover how one UK SME business engaged its employees in defining the direction it took.

In real life: Communicating the vision to a scattered team has been hard, but crucial, for The Marketing Centre

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