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Let five small things help drive your business improvement efforts

five small thingsIs everyone always telling you to work “on” your business, not just “in” it?

Well, five small things is a great new place to start. It’s designed specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses perk up their performance in really doable and manageable ways.

We send our five small things email out once a month, giving you enough time to digest its content and start making business improvement changes. Think of it as the antidote to the countless daily newsletters cluttering your inbox but not providing any real value.

What will I get from five small things?

Each month we’ll bring you five things that might spark an idea, inspire you to try something new or tweak something old. It might be a video, an infographic, a podcast or a practical guide – but whatever we send we promise it’ll be:

  1. Quick, easy and enjoyable to digest – because you’re the busiest people we know
  2. Full of practical tips and real advice – because white papers and waffle don’t hit the spot
  3. Based on experiences of other businesses like yours – because someone, somewhere out there, has already been through what you’re going through

Is five small things for me?

Inside every business there’s at least one “change maker”. You might be the owner, you might be leading a marketing team, or you might be handling customers. Either way, you’re pretty amazing at many things but facing challenges in areas like scaling up, efficiency, tech, staff retention, customer service, innovation or strategic planning is tough. In five small things we support you on all these topics and more.

But I get so many newsletters….

Five small things is different.

  • It’s not a newsletter. We’re not the BBC. Five small things is a thingsletter
  • We have nothing to sell. We’re a not-for-profit set up to improve UK productivity. We don’t carry ads or sponsors. Most of our products and services are completely free
  • Our focus is on you as a person. It’s about helping you develop your ability to run your business, lead your team, make decisions, get the best out of the resources you have and spearhead business improvement

Businesses like yours don’t have deep pockets or layers of management to throw at productivity. And quite frankly you’re doing a superb job all on your own. Be the Business is just here to help you do more of what you do best – and five small things is our monthly hello.

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