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A look at why productivity really matters for UK businesses

While many in the small and medium-sized business (SME) community might associate productivity with manufacturing and “output per hour”, there are a number of less direct contributing factors.

Productivity is an issue having an impact on businesses ranging from hospitality companies to technology-based organisations. Its effect is being felt by rural businesses in the Scottish Highlands just as much as in metropolitan areas such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.

At Be the Business we’re unlocking the productivity puzzle by helping SMEs, and the vitally important members of staff employed at each, identify areas for improvement. These might be in the areas of performance management, management behaviours or innovation – parts of the business not commonly associated with enhancing productivity.

This breakdown of addressable areas forms the backbone of our benchmarking tool, which provides a wide range of useful business practice guidelines that will encourage a different way of tackling vital processes such as talent development and the development of an organisation’s visions and values.

Our infographic below breaks this down further and contextualises the problems at hand by explaining the impact being felt now.

If you’d like to find out how a different approach to motivation or ambition could produce tangible improvements in your business then utilise our benchmarking tool.

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