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Consider the effect of personal problems 

If an employee is struggling at work, then consider that their personal problems could be a contributing factor for a drop in productivity says Julia Mitchell, Managing Director at Toast PR.  

“At the end of the day staff members are human beings too and a fall in productivity is an indicator that something is wrong. A conversation is a starting point, trying to identify the source of the problem,” mentions Mitchell.  

Encouraging your employees to take care for their mental, physical and emotional health is very important and will help to avoid performance drop due to personal problems. 

Working from home, taking time off and listening to their problems or issues all helps and is something we encourage at Toast PR. 

As a manager, I also have to model self-care by ensuring that I also take breaks, exercise and sleep well adds Mitchell.

Read this to learn more about Outstanding Brandings’ happiness survey that helps to avoid staff underperformance.

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