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Successful employee evaluation schemes only work with staff buy-in

Before you look to introduce new employee evaluation schemes, or enhance existing ones, you must get staff involvement, explained business leader Bertie Hubbart. 

The co-founder and chief executive of online tuition provider MyTutor stressed his business was still in the development stages of the scheme when they faced the first challenge. This centred primarily around employees feeling uncomfortable about the marked change. Letting employees express their concerns was equally as vital as management being transparent and open about the process.

Once the scheme was under way it was important, Hubbart said, to keep employees engaged and informed. The company established an “immediate feedback” system that was born out of a McKinsey summer training programme. It works by encouraging employees to feedback constructively as need arises – not only when asked. This creates an “open culture” in which employees can share, provide and debate ideas.  

Take a look how Consumer Intelligence established a flexible working scheme called “Martini Culture”.

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